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Xichen Yang slashed wife’s throat, held her hand while she died

Brutal details emerge after Xichen Yang, 21, slit his wife’s throat and played her favorite music as she bled to death in tub

Brutal details emerge after Xichen Yang, 21, slit his wife’s throat and played her favorite music as she bled to death in tub

According to the reports of the police in Altamonte Springs, Xichen Yang confessed to cutting his wife’s throat before holding her hand as she passed away in the bathtub.

On Tuesday, Xichen Yang, 21, was taken into custody by the police while he was at his residence on Ballard Street. It has been verified by Seminole County Public Schools that Yang will graduate from Oviedo High School in 2019.

Officers said they received a call from a man who claimed he phoned his employee, Yang, and Yang told him that he had just killed his wife and was in the process of cleaning up the scene. The man who called the police said he called his employee after receiving this information from Yang.

According to the records, when law enforcement officials arrived at the Goldelm at Charter Pointe Apartments, they requested a key from the leasing office and then entered Yang’s apartment.

Officers reported that once inside, they located the victim, identified as Nhu Quynh Pham, in the toilet where she was lying in a pool of blood with her throat slit. According to the investigators, they also discovered some type of disinfectant as well as cleaning gloves made of rubber.

According to the arrest report, Yang admitted to the act of slicing the throat of the victim when he was interrogated by the police. According to Yang, the victim started crawling away after the attack, so he put her in the bathtub to stop her. The records show this.

According to the police report, Yang told them that after he played his wife’s favorite music, he then held her hand for approximately ten minutes until she passed away.

Officers reported that Yang informed them that he could have avoided killing his wife altogether, but that “that is not how he was raised” and that he “always goes all the way” in everything he does.

According to the report, the police questioned Yang’s boss, who revealed that he had phoned the accused killer after the man failed to show up to work.

According to the employer, Yang stated that he was unhappy with his wife because he believed she had burnt his passport. This information was provided to the police. Records show that as Yang’s employer began to reprimand him for not being responsible, Yang broke down and admitted to committing “unspeakable” things and killing his wife. The employer was shocked by Yang’s confession.

According to the deputies, Yang was taken into custody once before following an episode of domestic abuse in January of 2022. Pham was recognized as the victim, and responding deputies reported seeing “little redness on the face of the victim.” According to the affidavit used in their arrest, Yang and Pham had been married for six months at the time of the event, but they continued to live in different locations.

Yang is being investigated for murder in the first degree as well as tampering with evidence.

A memorial fund on GoFundMe has been established for Pham to help cover his final expenses.

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