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Yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong was ‘seeing other men’ before ‘she killed love rival Mo Wilson,’ cyclist ex claims

Yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong was ‘seeing other men’ before ‘she killed love rival Mo Wilson,’ cyclist ex Colin Strickland claims

A CYCLING CHAMPION asserts that his fugitive girlfriend dated other men when the two of them were apart, and that he was seeing the love rival she is now accused of mowing down during that time.

Colin Strickland, 35, also indicated to FOX3 that he rekindled his relationship with murder suspect Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, after his flirtation with professional cyclist Mo Wilson due to the fact that they had similar business interests.

After the suspected murder of Wilson on May 11, 2022, Armstrong fled the area and went into hiding.

Following the end of his engagement to Armstrong in October 2021, Strickland asserts that he entered into a casual romantic connection with Wilson for a short period of time.

However, he argues adamantly that his relationship with Wilson, who is 25, was purely platonic when he reconciled with Armstrong and they became a couple again.

When Strickland explained his side of the story, he said that the account of the events provided by law enforcement in the affidavit that was used to get an arrest warrant for Armstrong was “skewed.”

He shared the following statement with FOX3 News in an exclusive interview: “I had finished the relationship with Kaitlin, and it was just fascinating timing since Mo had traveled to Austin to visit a buddy that very week.”

“It was nothing that one of us had planned, and yes, we began to spend some time together.

“At that time, that was communicated to Kaitlin very clearly, and Kaitlin went on to date other men immediately after that.

“It was obvious that we were moving in different directions, but we just did not have sufficient inertia to split up.”

“Kaitlin and I were partners in a number of businesses that we started together.

“Mo and I communicated perhaps twice a month after that,” and “I think it was slanted in a very dishonest way in the affidavit,” the witness said.

Before they were on the run, Strickland and Armstrong managed a company in Lockhart, Texas, that specialized in the restoration of old trailers.

A private investigator told FOX3 that Armstrong could have been hiding out in rural New York state using the alias of her younger sister Christine Armstrong. This theory was presented by the investigator.

She fled the area after being detained by the police on May 12 for interrogation but being let go due to a technicality in the investigation.

The last time anyone saw Armstrong was on May 14, when she was leaving LaGuardia Airport in New York. This was three days before an arrest warrant was filed for her.

Since the fatal shot, Strickland claims that he has been in a “shell-shocked grief phase.” [Citation needed]

In addition to this, he asserted that he was never given any indication that there was something fishy about Armstrong.

According to what Strickland had to say about the matter, “I would say she is one of the least volatile people I have ever encountered, and that is why it is so totally shocking.”

“I don’t believe that she ever let anyone in on some of the more private aspects of her nature.

“I was completely unaware of anything even even similar to it.”

Wilson was murdered shortly after their encounter at a neighborhood swimming pool in May, when Strickland was in Austin for a race. The event took place in Austin.

Before her assailant arrived and shot her to death, he had delivered her to the apartment she shared with a friend where she was staying before he killed her.

Strickland’s denial of any sexual activity between the two of them on the day that she was murdered provides evidence that their connection was purely platonic.

When asked if there was any other intention than what was said, he replied, “There wasn’t.”

Strickland has also provided confirmation that Armstrong and Wilson met one another in person during a cycling event that took place in Arkansas in January of this year. The event was hosted in Arkansas.

After that occurrence, Wilson sent the following message to Strickland through text message: “This weekend was odd for me, and I just want to know what’s going on.”

“If you just want to be friends (which seems to be the case), then that’s cool, but I’d like to talk about it because honestly my mind has been going in circles and I don’t know what to think,” you may say. “If you just want to be friends (which seems to be the case), then that’s cool.”

An unidentified caller provided the Austin Police Department with information on the death of Wilson on May 14, according to a report that was filed with the department a month ago.

The caller claimed to have been with Armstrong in January of this year when she “just found Strickland was having a romantic relationship with Wilson.” This information was relayed to the law enforcement officers by the caller.

The following statement may be found in the police report: “Armstrong stated to the caller that he was so enraged that he desired to kill Wilson.”

Strickland will not clarify whether or not he had communicated with Wilson’s family, despite the fact that he is still mourning the death of Wilson.

He explained to us, “I really don’t want to talk about that right now.

“That will come up at the appropriate time, but I’d rather not discuss it right now,” she said. “There will be a time for that.”

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